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Naturie | Acne Prone Skincare Bundle

Naturie | Acne Prone Skincare Bundle

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Introducing your natural solution for acne-prone skin: the Naturie Hatomugi Skincare Bundle. This power pair combines the Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel and Skin Conditioner, both infused with the natural goodness of Hatomugi (Job’s Tears). Designed for sensitive and acne-prone skin, this duo works to deeply hydrate without clogging pores or leaving any sticky residue. The lightweight, non-sticky gel moisturizer and the refreshing conditioner penetrate the skin to provide continuous moisture, soothing irritation, and reducing the appearance of acne. Embrace the simplicity and efficacy of Japanese skincare innovation to maintain a smooth, hydrated complexion, even on the hottest days. Perfect for anyone seeking a gentle yet effective hydration boost to calm acne-prone skin.

Included in the bundle:

  • 1X Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner 500ml ( NEW 2024 Packaging ) 
  • 1X Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel 180g

 FREE Gift:

  • 1x Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Mini 10ml
  • 1x Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Mini 15ml


Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner:
-Toner: Apply generously to hydrate skin, ensuring a cool sensation upon application.
-Lotion Pack: Soak cotton pads or a mask for intense moisture treatment, leaving skin soft.
-Body Care: Ideal for post-bath or sun exposure, maintaining skin suppleness.
-Makeup Prep: Use as pre-makeup water for flawless application, enhancing makeup effectiveness.

Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel:
- Moisturizer: Begin with a small scoop for your face and neck, adding more as needed for full absorption.
- Hydration Layering: For dry skin, apply a thicker layer for customizable moisture.
- Body Hydration: Use all over the body post-shower or after sun for cooling moisture.
- Makeup Primer: Smooth onto face as a hydrating base to prolong makeup wear.
- Hydrating Mask: Apply a generous layer for 10-15 minutes, then rinse for revitalized skin.


Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner:
Key Features:
-Deep Penetration, Refreshing Feel: Quickly absorbs, leaving skin soft without stickiness.
-Generous Hydration: 500ml bottle for daily use, perfect for face and body after bathing or sun exposure.
-Versatile Usage: Non-sticky formula suitable for facial and body skincare, enhancing makeup prep.
-Enhances Makeup: Pre-makeup water softens skin, aiding serum absorption and creating a smooth canvas.

Key Ingredients:
-Coix Seed Extract: Rich in 12 amino acids, maintains skin moisture and natural barrier, protecting against dryness and skin issues.

Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditoning Gel:
Key Features:
-Hydrating Elegance: Experience a surge of hydration with this gel's water-like texture. It instantly liquifies upon contact with the skin, offering an immediate refreshing sensation.
-Simple yet Powerful Ingredients: Infused with Coix Seed Extract, Glycerin, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (a Vitamin C derivative), and Vitamin E, this gel boasts a minimalist yet effective formulation. Free from alcohol, essential oils, and fragrances, it caters to sensitive skin types.
-Buildable and Non-Greasy: The gel's buildable nature allows you to customise your hydration level. Apply a small amount for a light, refreshing feel or layer it generously for a deeply moisturised complexion. Despite its richness, it absorbs seamlessly, leaving no tackiness or greasiness behind.
-Summer Essential: Perfect for hot weather, this gel acts as a cooling oasis for your skin. It effortlessly revitalises and soothes, making it an essential addition to your summer skincare routine.
-Multi-Functional Usage: Use it as the last step in your skincare routine, either in the morning or at night. It can be worn alone or layered under heavier creams, making it versatile for various skincare needs.


Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner:

Water (Aqua), Dipropylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Coix Lacryma-Jobi (Job's Tears) Seed Extract, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Alcohol, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Gel:
Water, Glycerin, DPG, Dimethicone, Ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate, Na Tocopheryl Phosphate, Honeybee extract, Di lauroyl glutamate (cholesteryl / octyldodecyl), (Acrylic acid / alkyl acrylate (C10-30)) Crosspolymer, (acryloyldimethyl) Taurine Ammonium / VP) Copolymer, BG, PEG-12 Dimethicone, Na Hydroxide, Carbomer, Dimariginolate Di (isostearyl / Phytosteryl), Octyldodecyl myristate, Tocopherol, Methylparaben



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