About Us

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Picture this! 
A world where we all lift each other up to chase our dreams and discover our unique paths. Life is an incredible adventure, and we're here to make it even better. Our journey begins with spreading awareness and sharing insights on how to nourish your health, mind, and spirit. And guess what? We're kicking things off by bringing you the latest and greatest in Eastern skincare. It's all about helping you shine your brightest as you navigate life's twists and turns. So, let's begin with your skin and take it step by step, one byte at a time...
That's the way we dream at LifeByte Boutique, embracing life!
image of a fairy godmother, 4 friends holding hands and image of a boy with ginger hair giving a gift to someone in 8 bit, describing our values at LifeByte Boutique which is honesty, community and health


photograph of founders of Lifebyte Boutique

"As a veteran in the creative space, I use my superpowers in cinematography to empower those around me. Through my journey, I learned that our mind, body and soul is the true art in this world and that we need to care and nurture. Therefore, I launched my quest with Lifebyte Boutique to feed you with the foundation of purpose and health. Thus, inspire the world through the art of creativity in the digital world, one byte at a time. Let's start with taking care of our skin."

 Erolle Del Rosario, Founder gold wax seal stamp


"Think of me as a scientific alchemist, using my superpowers to amp up those around me through research. Along the way, I've figured out that empathy is like a magic key to unlocking the secrets of our mind, body, and soul. Ever noticed how our skin spills the beans about our health? That's why we're all about taking care of it and building a strong community. It's a journey we're on, and we'd love for you to join us!"

Dr. Abbi Hau, Co-Founder gold wax seal stamp

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