Glow On, Tube Girl! Navigating the TikTok Trend with Healthy Skin

Glow On, Tube Girl! Navigating the TikTok Trend with Healthy Skin

In the lively realm of TikTok, trends come and go, but some, like the Tube Girl trend initiated by the spirited Tiktoker Sabrina Bahsoon, become a phenomenon. Dancing on the bustling London Tube, wind tousling hair in a music video-esque fashion, has captivated the internet. However, amidst the excitement, have you ever considered the toll this urban dance floor might take on your skin?


@sabrinabahsoon So now im en route via tube. The man in the back getting a show fr 🤣 #tubegirl #tubegirleffect ♬ Prada - cassö & RAYE & D-Block Europe


Pollutants in the London Tube: A Skin Concern

Beneath the surface of the trendy Tube Girl challenge lies an unnoticed adversary: pollutants. The London Tube air, although bustling with energy, is laden with fine dust, free radicals, and pollutants. These invisible foes can wreak havoc on your skin, causing inflammation, irritation, and damaging your skin barrier.


@urbanstoriesyt How Polluted Is The Air on The London Underground #London #underground #londonunderground #tube #londontube #metro ♬ original sound - Urban Stories


Combatting Pollution: Your Skincare Allies

To keep your skin vibrant amidst the urban whirlwind, embracing the right skincare routine is crucial. Start by shielding your skin with products designed to combat pollution. The Anua Soothing Toner with 77% Heartleaf extract acts as a calming treatment, soothing your skin from inflammation caused by dust and free radicals.

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The Power of Double Cleansing: Banila Co Clean it Zero & Beauty of Joseon Green Plum Cleanser

After your Tube Girl adventures, a thorough cleanse is non-negotiable. Double cleansing becomes your armor against the city's grime. Begin with the Banila Co Clean it Zero, an oil-based cleanser adept at dissolving pollutants, and follow up with the refreshing Beauty of Joseon Green Plum Cleanser. This water-based cleanser not only purifies but also soothes, ensuring your skin breathes freely.

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Vitamin C: Your Antioxidant Shield

In the face of oxidants, your skin deserves an antioxidant superhero. Enter the Beauty of Joseon Light on Serum Centella + Vita C. Infused with vitamin C, this serum not only provides antioxidant protection but also soothes your skin, allowing you to face the day’s challenges with confidence.

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So, Tube Girls and Boys, as you groove to the rhythm of the London Tube, remember to show your skin some love. With the right arsenal of Korean and Japanese skincare products, you can dance carefreely, your skin radiating health amidst the city's chaos. Let your skin glow as you own the Tube Girl challenge and the world! ✨

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