Celebrating Lunar New Year: Lifebyte’s Exclusive Livestream Event!

Celebrating Lunar New Year: Lifebyte’s Exclusive Livestream Event!

Lunar New Year has always been the season of renewal, reflection, and joyful gatherings. It is a special occasion that is celebrated across various cultures in Asia, with traditions that symbolize good luck, health, and prosperity for the year ahead.

As we enter the colorful celebrations of the Lunar New Year, LifeByte Boutique, your go-to K-Beauty, and J-Beauty skincare destination, has set out on a unique journey to celebrate this special occasion with our beloved community. We are thrilled to have hosted a special live-stream event to honor the Lunar New Year traditions. This event not only highlighted the beauty of ancient traditions, but also served as a bridge to modern skincare rituals, all while nurturing your health, mind, and spirit.

Our live-stream event wasn't just any event, it was a celebration of beauty, culture, and tradition, aiming to bring our community closer together and immerse in the rich heritage of Lunar New Year festivities. As we revealed the secrets of Eastern skincare, our audience were treated to an exclusive experience that combined education, interaction, and plenty of lovely surprises!

Red Packages of Joy and Good Fortune

In true Lunar New Year fashion, where red envelopes (or "hongbao") are given as tokens of good fortune and blessings, participants who purchased any full-size item during the live-stream were delighted to receive a special red package from us. Each red package contained a lucky fortune star, with a hidden positive message for motivation and inspiration. Accompanied by an assortment of delicious Japanese sweets and a deluxe size Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun sunscreen mini, these red packages represented our commitment to pampering and caring for our community.

A Raffle of Dreams

The celebration didn't stop at the red packages. Every customer who made a purchase during the live-stream was automatically entered into a raffle prize draw, adding an excitingtwist to the event. The lucky winner of the draw will have the extraordinary opportunity to choose any item from our store for FREE. This was our way of giving back and saying thank you to our supportive and passionate community,who have joined us on our journey to spread the beauty of K-Beauty and J-Beauty to the world.

Embracing the Essence of K-Beauty and J-Beauty Traditions

Throughout the livestream, we provided valuable insights into how to nourish and care for your skin, guiding viewers through the seemingly complex routine of K- and J-Beauty. From the importance of hydration to the best product layering technique for maximum effect, we wanted to simplify skincare and make it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Our goal is to empower you to take care of your skin, step by step, with the best products from LifeByte. 

As we wrapped up our Lunar New Year live-stream event, we were filled with gratitude for the overwhelming response and enthusiasm from all of our lovely and supportive audience. This celebration was just the beginning of our journey together here at LifeByte Boutique. We are committed to bringing you the best in K-Beauty and J-Beauty, sharing knowledge, spreading awareness and fostering a community that values health, beauty, and well-being.


Thank you so much for joining our live stream event and celebrating Lunar New Year with us. Let’s embark on this skincare journey together. We look forward to bringing you more events, insights, and, of course, the latest and greatest in skincare. Remember, taking care of your skin is a journey—one BYTE at a time :)

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